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Secure Swiss Email

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Secure Swiss Email service is one of the most secured and easy-to-use online email service that is meticulously designed to provide maximum privacy and security without any complications. It provides instant messaging, email, data storage, data distribution and file sharing tools to enable individuals and businesses to communicate and store data with a high level or privacy.

Our Swiss email service safeguards the user data with strict privacy protections and the secured data center facilities that are hidden inside the Swiss granite mountain. You need not worry as we assure zero access provider that is end-to-end encryption. That is, your emails are automatically end-to-end encrypted inside our email services. This does not let you decrypt or share the data with the third parties. This what gives us an edge over the other email providers. We promise best cloud storage services as we offer a number of nice features for file sharing and synchronization that keeps your system in sync with other devices.

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You can be sure that your online communications will always remain secured and private. Each email is uniquely encrypted before leaving the computer. Thus, you can be sure that your emails will not be monitored, analyzed and stored by unwanted organizations and individuals.

You can easily access your email at anytime and from anywhere around the world. Some of the unique features of the off site data storage include:

  1. The account will be anonymous and encrypted
  2. No special computer knowledge or skills required to make the encryption work
  3. Easy installation and round the clock support
  4. Block SPAM mails 100 with user-configurable response system
  5. Anonymous headers that are untraceable
  6. Works with any web browser
  7. No personal IP-addresses in the header
  8. No hard drives the web server
  9. The individual account and personal account data are never checked
  10. No IP logs

We only use certified applications and protocols to ensure complete safety and privacy. Each detail within our Swiss email service is optimized to help you read, organize and send email better.

[email protected] is an office and hosting solution for large families, Churches, Businesses and Companies who wish to use their registered domain name with our secure Email platform.

Unlimited Email accounts with various GB storage plans with these great features:

  • Swiss-based Private email
  • Virtual email servers
  • Advertising free, SPAM filter, anti-virus protection
  • Webmail and IMAP/POP3 access for email exchange clients
  • Online Office for sharing calendars, task lists and mail folders between your users

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