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You have the unique opportunity to be on the cutting edge, the cusp of a potentially $100 billion dollar industry.

We stand on the cusp of a Digital Privacy industry revolution with unlimited income potential!!

Threats to Digital/Internet privacy is increasing everyday as recent revelations that “free” Email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc), leave us vulnerable to hackers, advertisers, government legislated-Spying; just a few of a growing list that compromise our freedoms. To exasperate this concern these companies are gathering, storing and selling your PRIVATE communications.

This is a real and ominous concern. What many people to not realize is what this means to not only your personal privacy, but to your financial security.

The explosion digital mechanisms such as email social media venues like Facebook has left the vast majority of people totally exposed to identity theft, bank accounts being hacked with literally millions being stolen.

This very real threat creates a HUGE market demand for solutions. We have developed a solution and turned it into one of the most unique business opportunities, since Microsoft moved out of a one car garage.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because, we stand at the crossroad for opportunity. Our venture abroad has not only resulted in solutions that will restore your privacy, but also extend to you a very profitable and revolutionary business and financial opportunity for anyone looking for an unlimited income stream in this vast virtually untapped marketplace that can be operated from anywhere in the world part or full-time!

Resellers are compensated at a rate of 25% of gross on all subscriptions and renewals of services and 5% of all referred 2nd tier resellers residually marketing all of our digital privacy services.

  • Secure encrypted e-mail services
  • Offshore Website Hosting
  • VPN Services (Invisible Web Access) Identity Theft protection
  • Digital encrypted “Cloud” Data Storage
  • Cell Phone/Chat Data Encryption Services

What sets our facilities apart is the fact that the servers are located in Switzerland, a country known for its strict data privacy laws, and has no back door access to encryption for any government agency, not even Switzerland itself. The Swiss specifically established a rate of privacy in their Constitution and reinforced it in their Data Protection Act that says individuals and companies have an absolute right to privacy in their electronic communications.

Join our company today and help others secure their Digital Privacy while making securing and carving out your piece of this Digital revolution. We’ve done the work for you; our business system is “Turnkey”, without a huge financial commitment.

For a meger annual fee of $79 (less than .22 cents a day), you can become a GPA Reseller and receive the tools needed to be successful in this innovative opportunity.

There are no products to inventory, endless meetings to attend or monthly sales quotas you need to meet in order to earn commissions in our business. But what we do offer is a low-cost, straight forward business plan for you to share this much needed service to a virtually untapped market. By doing so, you have a great opportunity to build a residual income year after year and truly help others.

Listed below are some of the value added perks our resellers receive:

  • Your own Swiss based business
  • Your personal, all inclusive affiliate website
  • Use of our after sales support website
  • Discounts on our Secure Email, VPN, DigitalSafe and other services
  • Monthly Newsletters updating industry and company news
  • Weekly Company Overview and Leadership Training calls presented by the Founder
  • Marketing strategies and templates, prospect letters, business card templates, signature card ideas
  • Fully accessible tech support team for you and your customers

Join the digital security revolution and be on the cusp of a $100 Billion Dollar Industry.
Anyone can be successful in this business; whether young or old, computer novice or technology expert, we give our resellers a truly turnkey business platform.

We believe the great demand for our solutions makes this opportunity an easy one to share for those who embrace our mission and vision. Let’s work together to take back our internet privacy while securing our financial future!