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Secure Data and Email Services

“There is online security, and then there is Swiss based online security….”.

MIT Technology Review- March 18, 2014 is your “one stop shop” for securing your online privacy and keeping your digital and potentially your financially well being in check.
All of our services are based strictly on secure Servers in Switzerland. Switzerland not only has the most physically secure IT platforms on the planet (see link below), but are known worldwide as the most legally secure as well.

Switzerland, is a country known for its strict data privacy laws, and has no back door access to encryption for any government agency, not even Switzerland itself. The Swiss specifically established a rate of privacy in their Constitution and reinforced it in their Data Protection Act that says individuals and companies have an absolute right to privacy in their electronic communications.

We stand on the cusp of a Digital Privacy revolution with unlimited potential for those that wish to join us in utilizing our unique services as well as those with an Entrepreneurial spirit seeking one of the greatest opportunities since the advent of the PC revolution!!

Threats to Digital/Internet privacy is increasing everyday as recent revelations that “free” Email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc), leave us vulnerable to hackers, advertisers, government legislated-Spying; just a few of a growing list that compromise our freedoms. To exasperate this concern these companies are gathering, storing and selling your PRIVATE communications.

This is a real and ominous concern. What many people to not realize is what this means to not only your personal privacy, but to your financial security.

The explosion digital mechanisms such as email social media venues like Facebook has left the vast majority of people totally exposed to identity theft, bank accounts being hacked with literally millions being stolen.

This very real threat creates a HUGE market demand for solutions. We have developed a solution and turned it into one of the most unique business opportunities, since Microsoft moved out of a one car garage.

We stand at a crossroads of a digital security revolution. has not only brought solutions to the marketplace to restore your privacy, but also extends to you a very profitable and revolutionary business opportunity for anyone looking for an unlimited income stream in this vast virtually untapped marketplace that can be operated from anywhere in the world part or full-time!

Resellers are compensated at a rate of 25% of gross on all subscriptions and renewals and 5% of all referred 2nd tier resellers residually marketing all of our digital privacy services.

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