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Encrypted Email Service

Encrypted/Private Email (Stored on Servers in Switzerland)

Privacy is the new Security!

  • Messages are fully encrypted “end-to-end” at all times and stored in our secure servers in Switzerland.
  • Even your communication with non-Encrypted email users is secure.

Having your own encrypted email in this competitive world is an absolute must. It gives your business a lot of advantages. In addition the accounts are protected against spam and viruses.

Encrypted email

What is Email encryption?

Encryption of email messages to protect the content from being read by other entities than the intended recipients. Email encryption may also include authentication. Email is prone to disclosure of information, hacking, identity theft and massive financial fraud. Most emails are currently transmitted in the clear (not encrypted).

Between constant Password breaches and government agencies snooping into you private communications, you should have privacy in mind.

Bank statements, contracts, confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure forms, job offers, financial records, medical histories, lab test results; these are all just a few types of information that should—and in many cases are legally required—to stay private. Beyond that, the argument that using security tools somehow invites scrutiny plays to people’s fears and encourages them to do nothing. It’s not the government or a big tech company that will take advantage of that fear and complacency either, it’s the common identity thief, a spear-phisher looking for something they can use or sell, or someone sniffing packets on public Wi-Fi for the sake of curiosity.

If you’re looking for a little personal privacy in your communications with friends and loved ones, or you just want to trust that the documents you email to your accountant or client aren’t being intercepted and read, you’ll need to encrypt those messages. Thankfully, it’s easy to do with our Swiss based email service.

Encrypted Email/Data Storage

Secure Swiss Email