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Encrypted Cell Communications

Encrypted Voice & Text Communications

Secure Phone & Encrypted Online Meetings/Communications (Encrypted voice, text and video conference)

  • Swiss built App which extends private SMS and Phone call communications to iOS and Android phones.
  • Privacy of your Phone calls and SMS texts without compromise
  • Unlimited incoming and Secure App to Secure App calling
  • Private communication, even when calling someone without the App
  • Simple, secure conference calling and video chat
  • Burn functionality automatically deletes SMS texts after a customizable time period
  • Encrypted end to end transmission over our crystal clear network
  • SSPRIVACY.COM does not hold keys that encrypt your private communications

(Security/Encryption:  ZRTP is a cryptographic key-agreement protocol to negotiate the keys for encryption between two end points in a VOIP phone telephony call based on the Real-time Transport Protocol.  It uses Diffie-Hellman key exchange and the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for encryption.)

Encrypted Cell

Encrypted Online Meetings/Communications